This is an ongoing project, continuing indefinitely.  Each year’s submissions will be added to this web site. Please see Teacher Submission Guidelines below.




Decorate any size envelope with 9/11 relevant art.  The purpose is to remember the victims and honor the heroes.  Use any media - paint, collage, fabric, crayon, colored pencil, calligraphy, stamping, stickers, etc.  Please remember, however, that your piece is going to be carried through the regular US Mail – be sure to adhere items to the envelope securely.
Feel free to include a poem, note, or prayer in your envelope, they will NOT be opened.
Address the envelope to: 

Remember September, PO Box 793, Katonah, NY 10536
Put your name, address & e-mail address on the BACK of the envelope.
Add sufficient postage, take the envelope to the post office and ask for a hand-cancel on September 11th.  For large groups, such as schools, you may submit your collected envelopes in one large envelope to save on postage expenses.  Please include the contact information for the group coordinator.
Check the website to see when your artwork has been added to the archives.
Please note that by submitting an envelope you are granting unlimited permission for “Remember September” to retain your artwork, loan or otherwise transfer ownership of the artwork to an appropriate venue or organization with purpose relevant to the purpose of the collection, to publish your artwork in any way deemed appropriate by the organizers and assigns, including, but not limited to, print media, web site, public display and promotional materials.
The purpose of the Remember September Mail Art Memorial is to 
commemorate and honor the heroes and victims of the 9/11/01 terrorist 
attacks on the United States.  The organizers of the project reserve 
the right to reject any work deemed, in their sole discretion, to be 
inappropriate or disrespectful.



Participation in the Remember September Mail Art Memorial is a great student project. The guidelines for participation are slightly different for groups, please see below:
Please have students address their individual envelopes to Remember September, PO Box 793, Katonah NY 10536
Please instruct students that they should NOT put their name on the front of the envelope.
Please have students include their name, the school name & teacher name on the BACK of the envelope.
You may group the envelopes and mail them together in one package, individual stamps and postmarks are not required. Alternatively, if you want to avoid postage costs, ask students to each bring one first class stamp so their envelope can be mailed individually.
Please provide a list of participants. The envelopes will be grouped together on the website and a list will assist us in keeping groups together.
Please be aware that participation in the project by mailing the envelopes grants the organizers of the Remember September Mail Art Memorial unrestricted permission to display the images in any media they chose, including, but not limited to, print media, website, public display and promotional materials.
Thank you for your interest in the project. This is an excellent way to present the subject and to allow your students an avenue for expression. Please feel free to share the participation guidelines with other teachers and encourage them to have their students submit artwork